With Queensland facing such harsh elements during both the warm and cold seasons, protection for our children is essential. A Sunstate shaded structure allows children to play safely outdoors and attend school assemblies in virtually any weather condition.


Shaded Structures for Work, Rest and Play

While schools can benefit greatly from the installation of a Sunstate shaded structure, they’re not the only ones. Public playgrounds can use them to keep children safe from sun exposure and other dangerous elements.

Workplaces can provide a shaded rest area for their staff. And homeowners will appreciate having a shelter for their outdoor entertainment area, for their pool and for their pets and growing plants.



Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Active All Year Round

Sunstate shaded structures are guaranteed to be an asset for promoting your children’s health. They’ll protect them from damaging exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and allow kids to stay active outdoors, even on rainy days.


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