A well-built hall is an integral part of any school campus. At Sunstate, we have a team of designers and builders who can put together any kind of school hall that a campus would need, from a simple hall used for meetings and assemblies to multipurpose halls that can seat a very large audience.

Our team is also capable of making extensions to pre-existing halls, helping schools to adapt to their growing student population. Moreover, our licensed tradesmen can repair any damage to a school hall that resulted from a storm, fire or flood.


Our School Halls are Practical, Durable and Versatile

Your school hall can be designed and built to include any or all of the following models:

  • A full-sized basketball, volleyball or indoor netball court
  • A stage for theatrical or musical productions
  • Polished floorboards or carpeting
  • Luxury fold-up audience seats
  • Changing and storage rooms
  • A lighting and sound control room
  • A canteen or kitchen area for catering


Meeting Your Expectations with Minimal Disruption

Whether you belong to a state or private school, you’re guaranteed the same degree of quality service and customer satisfaction from our dedicated team. Our goal is to complete your school hall on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to your students and staff.


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