Both public and private groups want to ensure that everyone—staff, students and visitors—feel protected when they enter the premises. Sunstate hopes to meet this need by offering our custom-designed covered walkways, which afford both style and security.

Security, Comfort and Protection from the Elements

Our covered walkways can be designed to perfectly suit your property and your specific needs. Whether you need a covered walkway at ground level or on multiple levels, or whether you need a simple design or something more elaborate and enclosed, Sunstate is ready to accommodate your needs.

A Variety of Applications

Our custom-designed covered walkways can suit a variety of different properties, including:

  • Airports
  • Business properties
  • Car parks
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Shopping centres
  • Tourist resorts

A Host of Options

Our team of designers and builders can help you outfit your covered walkway with whatever you require. Our options include such features as lighting, air conditioning, windows, new paneling, sprinkler systems and so much more.

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